ID – and
Biometric Card

Reltime build security, waver in process for biometric with Mastercard. Reltime give you 100% security for accessing your assets. Reltime has no middleman that controls your fund.

DEFI Ecosystem

Reltime enable the end-users to earn money and send money free global without any middleman. See more
With Reltime DEFI Ecosystem, the users will be controlling their own money and decide whom they want to send and lend out to, the transaction will be instant.

Users will be able to invite new users through the joint and instant account system.

The users can now earn on lending.

Leading market place

A unique way to offer various types of liquidity at the best possible terms. liquidity at the best possible terms.

Cards - Debit and Credit with trusted zones

A unique way to offer various types of liquidity at the best possible terms. liquidity at the best possible terms.

Reltime wallet - crypto and fiat

A unique way to offer various types of liquidity at the best possible terms. liquidity at the best possible terms.

Reltime RTC DeFi app

DEFI Sandbox

Are you interested in joining our DEFI Ecosystem? Get your free development kit and sample code to get you started. We are interested in partners that develop services into the ecosystem. You will also have a potential income for your service.

Compliance and custody

Reltime follows the regulation for onboarding; all uses have to go through an eKYC, PEP, AML check.

Person to Person dApps Loan

The user will be able to lend to anyone global, set the interest rate and earn on this, with or without collateral. See more
The users can secure their loan, ensuring the end-user receives their money back through the collateral system.

With Reltime, the users can now earn money on lending to anyone…

Offer to Investors

As an investor in Reltime, you will first receive a global technology by potentially solving merit through global reach, interest, and earning as loans for the end-users.See more
You will be a part of a new generation banking solution, and you will be able to work closely with a great team to build the new bank network.

Lastly, you will have the opportunity to be a part of testing and optimizing the platform, service, new biometric card connected to DEFI with a unique fresh set-up.

As an investor and potential user, you will also have potential growth in your DEFI token listed on a DEFI exchange in October 2021.

Developing - in process, MVP ready

Reltime has developed the platform since 2018 with the help of global enterprises to offer the service as the first genuine Banking offer based on pure Blockchain-based Smart Contract and dApps service.

STO offer

Reltime will go public in a regulated exchange and continue developing new technologies, filing patents, and including new technology. This technology is described in the Whitepaper.

Business open for the global market

Reltime will allocate the investor fund based on escrow and providing evidence on provided workshop with investors. This workshop is a part of Reltime wanted feedback from investors that is a part of this great invention.

What is Ready Now?


Reltime DEFI Sandbox will be open to anyone 4Q 2021.

We are finalizing our software as we speak. Reltime has multiple functions ready, and various features will be added step by step. You will find it in the Whitepaper. Please find all the features that we are in the process to develop and deliver.

All users can from launch send money between each other instant, setup joint account and the ecosystem is linked to Virtual and Physical card.

As an end-user, you will be able to control your savings, earnings, loans through the Reltime
app without a third party. Reltime’s system will save and earn you both money and time.

Even though we are a DEFI platform, we focus a lot on security, so partners joining the ecosystem will trust Reltime. All money that is a deposit to the platform is stored safely with partners BIN an e-money license.
You can move money safely and instantly through your Reltime app. In addition to this, you can transfer money to other Reltime bank accounts in every currency without cost.
With Reltime, our customers will have a joint account with friends and family if wanted.